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What Issues to Look Out for in Older Properties

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

While the charm of an older property may lure you in, you shouldn't let that cloud your vision to the potential issues that may be present. If you're thinking about investing in an older property, here are the common problems you should look out for.

old stone English homes

What Issues to Search for in an Older Property

  1. First, you need to check for toxic materials (like lead paint and asbestos), as these were commonly used in older buildings. Check for them to avoid a serious health problem.

  2. Next up, you will also need to look out for infestations. Older properties are often the home to termites, mold, cockroaches, bats, and other nasty organisms, so make sure your property isn't.

  3. The tall ceilings and big windows may draw you in, but there can be design flaws that may make you get out (small closets, outdated tiles, crooked windows, etc.).

  4. The property's history may be long, but if it also has messy paperwork, you can be in big trouble. The title and other legal. documents should be searched to avoid a bad investment.

  5. If the property hasn't been maintained properly throughout the years, it's likely it will have structural problems that could make it unsafe to live in.

  6. Lastly, if the property wasn't maintained properly, you can also expect outdated systems (electrical installations, plumbing, among others), which can be a real, expensive pain to deal with.

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