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Real Estate Closing Services

Premier Reputation Title Real Estate Closing Services
SW Florida’s Most Respected Residential and Commercial Title Professionals

SW Florida is a wonderful area to live and to invest. If you are purchasing a home in Estero, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, or one of the surrounding areas in Collier, Lee, or Charlotte counties, then you are going to need a team of professionals on your side that make the entire closing process flow smoothly.


After all, a lot goes into a real estate closing. If everything doesn’t line up properly it can lead to a lot of wasted time and undue stress.


The Closing Process: An Overview


So, what all is involved in getting to a closing?


Receipt of the purchase agreement kicks off the closing process. Our team goes to work gathering information from both parties and a title search is ordered. If the property is free and clear to move forward, the long list of documents are prepared, including the loan agreement, mortgage payoff calculation, deed, and any other required forms. They are then carefully reviewed for any errors since the smallest error is capable of delaying the closing.


After everything is ready to go, closing day will be scheduled. All parties will sign the necessary documents, money will change hands, and the keys to the property will be handed over. We will handle the filing and recording of documents, as well as getting copies to the proper people to complete the sale.


Having Premier Reputation Title handle your closing means that you can rest easy knowing that your purchase is in good hands -- and your closing will happen with the greatest of ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for the closing costs in Florida?

With a real estate transaction, both the buyer and seller share closing costs - though the buyer pays the bigger amount of taxes and fees. Sellers are primarily paying real estate agent commissions. It is important to note that closing costs can vary based on the county.

What documents are required to be signed at closing?

There are many different documents you will sign as the buyer, but the exact documents can vary for each transaction. The common closing documents are loan application, promissory note, mortgage, rider (or riders), truth in lending (TIL), closing disclosure, settlement statement, IRS authorizations, deed, affidavits, and any other disclosures.

After closing, how long do you have to wait before you can move in?

Generally, you can move in immediately following the closing. You have signed all the documents, obtained ownership, and have the keys in hand - so you are free to do as you wish. However, there are some instances in which the seller may request (ahead of time) to stay in the property for an additional week, month, or the like.

If this situation arises, speak to your title agent to discuss your options.

When will my first mortgage payment be due?

When you close on a house, your first mortgage payment will typically be due on the first of the month - a full 30 days after your closing date. If you close on the 15th of January, for example, your first mortgage payment may not be due until the first of March.

Your lender’s requirements may be different so it is best to confirm your first payment date directly with your lender.

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