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Tips to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

A home inspection determines a property's condition. If you're having a home inspector evaluate your property, here's how to prepare for them.

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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

  1. You should declutter and clean your place thoroughly inside and out before the inspector arrives, so you can give a good first impression.

  2. Speaking of first impressions, take care of easy repairs like changing the burnt lightbulbs and tightening the screws around the house.

  3. Aside from those easy repairs, there are some areas in your house, such as the electrical installations, that should be professionally inspected to ensure they're in top shape.

  4. The home inspector will need to access every area in the house, so if there are tight spots that are cluttered, move objects away, so they can be reached easily.

  5. The home inspector will also need to look into all of the rooms (like the basement, the shed, the attic, and more). Verify that they are unlocked so they can assess them.

  6. And for the evaluation to go over smoothly, you should also leave the utilities connected (the gas and water supply, for example).

  7. To guarantee an effective process, communicate with the inspector. Relay information they may need; for instance, if there's an issue they should pay attention to.

  8. The home inspector may require certain documents for the evaluation (e.g., to see when the last renovations were made on the property).

  9. Lastly, you should let them work. Try not to get in their way and keep children and pets away while they look into the place.

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